Aussie Wildlife Champions now available at your centre!

Aussie Wildlife Champions’ Education Program

In an exciting Australia-first, more than 10,000 children aged between 3-5 years will have access to the new Aussie Wildlife Champions Lifelong Learning Curriculum program as the result of a partnership between Affinity Education Group and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) 

Dr Lesley Jones, Head of Education and Pedagogy for Affinity, led the development of this unique partnership, the first of its kind between AWC and an early education provider. 

“In developing our national Lifelong Learning Curriculum, we have been so pleased to have been able to partner with such a well-respected organisation such as Australian Wildlife Conservancy,” Dr Jones said.   

“Together we have produced a very special program for young children. Raising children’s awareness of our unique Australian animals and their habitats and how we can all play our part in their protection is so important.”

What does this program provide?

The ‘Aussie Wildlife Champions’ education program provides engaging lesson plans for 18 Australian species and introduces children to core principles of conservation and Australia’s iconic and/or endangered species.

  • Fun and age-specific videos describe the criticality and lifecycle of species such as Native Bees, Crocodiles, Numbats and Bilbies.
  • Each lesson is filled with delightful imagery, insights and activities that will expand children’s understanding of the breadth, depth and uniqueness of Australia’s native species.  

“Australia is home to some of the most unique (and adorable) animals in the world and yet traditionally Australian children in preschool and kindergarten classrooms are still taught about only a fraction of our native animals,” Dr Jones said. 

“Through the Aussie Wildlife Champions program within our Lifelong Learning Curriculum we’re setting our educators and teachers up to deliver a powerful combination of conservation and education, engaging our little learners in the wonders of Australia’s native wildlife and inspiring new and emerging generations to care for our country.”


Why is this program important?

Tim Allard, AWC Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the partnership as a critical step forward to bringing the community into the critical journey of conservation.  

“Australia’s biodiversity is under threat and our species face increasing risk of extinction, so we need to achieve conservation outcomes at scale rapidly,” Allard said.  

“Progress can only be made with collaboration and public support so we’re excited this partnership with Affinity Education Group will enable us to connect with young children and their families.

Try a mini at home program!

Our Family Fun Packs feature a range of delightful content, activities and imagery to introduce your children to the core principles of conservation and expand their understanding and interest in four of Australia’s unique species: the Crocodile, Bilby, Wombat and Native Bees.