Books To Help Your Child Transition Into School

Books to help your child transition into school

Starting school is a major milestone for both you and your child, and reading books about what to expect can be a great way to make this transition easier. Read on as we share five

“The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!” by Mo Willems

The pigeon has to go to school by Mo Williams

“The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!” follows the beloved and stubborn Pigeon as he faces his fear and anxiety about starting school. Pigeon worries about various aspects of school, from finding his classroom to making friends. Through humorous and relatable scenarios, the book addresses common childhood anxieties about school in a light-hearted and engaging way. Mo Willems’ signature illustrations and playful narrative reassure young readers that it’s okay to be nervous about new experiences and that school can be fun and rewarding.

“Spot Goes to School” by Eric Hill

“Spot Goes to School” is a children’s book written and illustrated by Eric Hill. The story follows Spot, a lovable and curious puppy, as he experiences his first day at school. Throughout the book, Spot engages in various activities typical of a school day, such as playing with friends, learning new things, and exploring the classroom environment. The book is designed with simple text and colourful illustrations, often featuring flaps that young readers can lift to discover hidden surprises. It’s a part of the beloved “Spot” series, which aims to make learning fun and engaging for preschool-aged children.

“Wombat Goes to School” by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley

“Wombat Goes to School” is a children’s book written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley. It follows the adventures of a wombat as it experiences a day at school. The story is filled with humour and charm as the wombat interacts with students and teachers, causing a series of funny and endearing situations. Known for the delightful “Diary of a Wombat” series, Jackie French’s storytelling in this book continues to engage young readers with its playful narrative and appealing illustrations. The book highlights themes of curiosity, learning, and the joy of new experiences, making it an enjoyable read for children who are familiar with or anticipating their own school adventures.

“Starting School” by Jane Godwin and illustrated by Anna Walker

“Starting School” by Jane Godwin, illustrated by Anna Walker, is a children’s book that provides a warm and reassuring look at the experience of beginning school. It follows a group of children as they prepare for and embark on their first day of school. The book addresses common emotions and experiences associated with this milestone, such as excitement, nervousness, and curiosity. Through its gentle narrative and beautiful illustrations, “Starting School” aims to help young readers feel more confident and prepared for their own journey into the school environment. The book emphasizes themes of friendship, learning, and the many new experiences that come with starting school, making it an excellent resource for children and parents alike.

“Look, There’s a Hippopotamus in the Playground Eating Cake” by Hazel Edwards and illustrated by Deborah Niland

“Look, There’s a Hippopotamus in the Playground Eating Cake” is a children’s book written by Hazel Edwards and illustrated by Deborah Niland. It explores how starting school can be scary, but nothing is impossible when you have a hippopotamus who lives on your roof, and eats cake! So, a little girl takes her hippopotamus along to school, and together they face first-day-at-school experiences, like meeting the teacher, making friends and eating lunch. Through playful and humorous scenarios, the story explores themes of friendship, imagination, and the joys of outdoor play. The colourful illustrations and engaging narrative make this book a fun and entertaining read for young children, encouraging them to embrace their creativity and enjoy their own playful adventures.